Beginners Fly Fishing: Lesson 4: A primer on flies

A PRIMER ON FLIES What goes on the end of the line? Fly fishing has evolved dramatically over the past years; rather than using live bait on a hook, we can now add any number of materials to attract a

Opening Weekend

2018 Opening Weekend on the Grand River, Ontario Most river levels started off too high to fish, but quickly settled over the ensuing 48 hours. This is a short video of Ethan Roach, after he hooked a big brown, whilst Euro-Nymphing

Steve May’s Effective Musky Flies: Part 3

In Part 3 of this series Steve gives additional tips on how to add bulk to a Musky fly. Using Chenille dams Using tubing Using a reverse tie david williams

Nick Groves’ Killer Streamers

Nick’s Streamer Patterns Nick tied a Sculpin, and a Sid Fly Variant at the Grand River Outfitting and Fishing Store on the 6th April 2018. ………………………………………………………………………………………………. Prior to his demo, Rob Heal (the co-owner of the store) outlined his thoughts

Steve May’s Effective Musky Flies: Part 2

Bulking up and Shaping a Musky Fly   In Part 2 of this series Steve shows how to add shape and bulk to a Musky fly. He ties the Crafty Deceiver/Relief Pitcher Musky fly. He also gives tips on cheaper

Steve May’s Effective Musky Flies: Part 1

The Presentation of the Fly david williams  29th March 2018

Ted Shand and the Working Man’s Flies

Ted Shand and “The Working Man’s Flies”   Ted has retired from 13 years of guiding on the Grand River, but he has not lost his verve for promotion of the fine art of fly fishing and tying. At today’s

Burlington Stakeholder meeting summary with MNR

Recent discussions with the Ministry of Natural Resources about future directions for Zone 16 can be found at: Burlington Stakeholder Meeting Summary These discussions are preliminary, and actual enactment of recommendations is still uncertain.

Czech Nymphing with Ernie Kalwa

Ernie Kalwa Discusses Czech Nymphing It’s not all about the fishing….. Ernie gave his demo at the Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop this morning with a backdrop of Scottish Whiskey tasting, under the auspices of Corby’s Distillery. Ernie outlined

Beginners Fly Fishing. Lesson 3: Line

Beginners Fly Fishing. Lesson 3: Line The typical fly line has four elements. These are listed here, in order, from the spool end to the fly end: Backing Fly line Leader Tippet Have a look at this diagram to see

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