Two weeks ago (before the Grand River in Ontario burst its banks) Charlie and I visited the river access at the Iron Bridge on Weisenberg Road.

As we approached we noticed a gorgeous 1974 Gran Torino parked just before the bridge.

We also noticed a younger bearded fellow who was in the process of stowing a weed trimmer in the trunk of the car.

This seemed odd as there is no private property in the immediate vicinity.

So we began to assuage our curiosity by firstly asking him about his car. It was painted exactly like the one in the old Starsky and Hutch TV series from the late 1970s.

We then asked what he was doing with the weed whacker.

He explained that there was a floral memorial at the right of the bridge that commemorated the tragic raft drowning of a fourteen-year-old lad four years ago.

He the added that he was not a relative, but he felt compelled to keep the grass around the site trimmed.

He then packed up his weed trimmer, started his car and left.

Whoever he is this young gentleman restored our faith in the younger generation and left us feeling so very much in awe of his kindness.


david williams

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