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Join us on Tuesday October 17th when Tommy Kee, will present "Winter Tarpon and Breaking the World Record  for Bone Fish". ...... Join us on Tuesday October 17th when Tommy Kee, will present "Winter Tarpon and Breaking the World Record  for Bone Fish". ......


After many years of fishing S.W. Ontario rivers, (especially the Grand), I have had amazing success with this pattern. This year I have used it successfully for browns, rainbow, and bass. It has out fished even my previously favorite Hare’s Ear Nymph pattern.

It has also proven to be a non hatch dependent pattern, and has been successful during different hatches on the Grand, and the Forks of the Credit.

Try it and get back to me; I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Hook: Mustad Streamer size 12 R75-79580

10 gr soft copper wire.

Thread: 8.0 Yellow

Tail: Coq de Leon

Abdomen: Light yellow ice dubbing.

Abdomen segmentation and wing case: 1/32″ wide Pearl Mylar #14

Thorax: Natural rabbit dubbing.

Legs: Yellow Mallard Barred Flank feather.

Debarb the hook:


Wrap the copper wire around the shank with additional wraps toward the eye: (Why copper rather than lead? Just look at the luminescence of the wetted fly and you will see that the copper shows through, giving a very lifelike appearance).

Secure the whole thorax and abdomen with the thread: YellowGrand3

Tie in about ten Coq de Leon fibres for the tail, not longer than the hook width:YellowGrand4

Tie in a 4 inch piece of pearl Mylar at the base of the tail:YellowGrand5


Trim the tail feather stems, then dub the abdomen with the yellow Ice dub:


Wind the Mylar forward with 5 turns, leaving small gaps for the Ice dub.

Secure the Mylar on top of the abdomen, but do not trim it yet:


Prepare the mallard flank feather:



Tie in the tip of the feather, with the concave side upwards, at the junction of the abdomen and thorax.

Then apply the natural rabbit dubbing along the thorax:


Bring the feather forward over the thorax and tie in behind the eye of the hook:


Bring the Mylar over the top of the feather, and tie that in behind the eye:


Color the upper abdomen and thorax with a brown sharpie:YellowGrandFinal7

Whip finish and apply several drops of U. V. cement to build up a wing case:YellowGrandFinal8


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