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Join us on Tuesday November 21st when Jack Imhof will be enlightening us on "Natural Tendencies of Rivers and how to Fish Them".  ...... Join us on Tuesday November 21st when Jack Imhof will be enlightening us on "Natural Tendencies of Rivers and how to Fish Them".  ......

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Whiteman’s Creek and Bigfoot

Whiteman’s Creek and Bigfoot

(Saturday 29th April, 2017. The Fly Guys minus one. Just Charlie and me. The air temperature was 12 centigrade, overcast skies and a light wind coming in from the west).

I’m sure that Chris doesn’t mind me saying that he missed this day’s fishing as he has a date with his proctologist on Monday, and he has to spend his weekend sitting regally on his throne.

I am also somewhat incapacitated from last year; I have a torn right shoulder tendon and have to get used to fishing as a leftie.

So, in order to get in some early season practice, we set off for Whiteman’s Creek just after 2 pm.

The creek flow was quite heavy and we decided to head upstream from the conservation parking lot on Robinson sideroad.

Practically every pool was occupied, but we managed to find a secluded spot upstream.

Being early in the season, we both selected nymphs as our prime flies. There were a lot of midges on the air, so we stayed small with our sizing.

After half an hour I noted a small trout rising to the fly at the end of my retrieve. I also noted a few early hatched Hendrickson duns.

So I switched to a dry, size 16:

And from then on we were on the money. I bagged and released two rainbows and one brown; Charlie landed a feisty, acrobatic, rainbow as well on that same pattern.

But, that is just the beginning of the story…..

When we returned to the car in the early evening we noticed a pickup truck, which then approached us as we removed our waders.

The windshield wound down and we were regaled by a friendly woman who I estimated to be in her sixties. She asked if the river was accessible to her if she used her wheeled walker. So, we pointed to the well-groomed path and gave her a positive response.

“Have you seen anything down there?” she asked.

“Just some rainbows and a small brown,” I replied.

“I am an author,” she added. “I am writing about Bigfoot. Have you noticed anything?”

“The nearest thing I have seen next to Bigfoot would be my buddy Charlie, dressed in a fur coat”, I added glibly.

She then went on to tell us that there were conspiracies about Bigfoot and that the government had levied a fine of $10,000 if anyone was to shoot the creature.

We spent another 15 minutes or so discussing her goal to prove that Bigfoot exists.

As I have said before: “It’s not all about the fishing.”

By the way; can anyone send me a fly pattern using this material that I found on the riverbank?


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