The FlyGuys (for all fly fishermen and fisherladies)

So, three guys started fly fishing in 2010 in South West Ontario. Chris, Charlie and Dr. Dave

We fumbled and stumbled through the first year, mainly on the headwaters of the Grand River, from Fergus to Inverhaugh. We quickly realized that fly fishing is a state of mind, with quick release from everyday worries. On one of the first trips we were amazed to see thousands of swallows flitting just above the waters feeding on hatching insects.

Each year the Grand is stocked with brown trout at various locations, and the river is easily accessible from well marked pathways.

That first year we caught mainly “stocker” brown trout. We started to appreciate the ever changing moods of the river; from tranquil flows to raging and unsafe torrents following rainstorms.

The following year we broadened our outings to include the Forks of the Credit River.

Upper Credit River

This site is dedicated to experiences, anecdotes, and joint wisdoms that will be derived from all of you. Thanks for visiting

A great big shout-out to the Grand River Conservation Authority (G.R.A.C.), The Friends of the Grand, Izaac Walton Fly Fishing Club, Credit Valley Conservation, Credit River Anglers Association, ,and Trout Unlimited, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.