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The “Tails-Up Woolley Bugger”.

The “Tails-Up Woolley Bugger”. MATERIALS LIST: from the bench of Stephen Beckett. For bass I use a Mustad Ultrapoint 32833BLN size 1 hook. Black Lead Eyes. 3/16 inch Black Foam Cylinders. TYING INSTRUCTIONS: I tie in...

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2021 Christmas Bash

2021 Christmas Bash Our Christmas Bash was embellished by lots of Christmas goodies, brought in by our members. There were tarts, cakes and biscuits along with a refreshments from Doug Brien.     Four members entered...

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Upcoming meetings schedule

Schedule Our meetings will be constantly updated. Check here frequently to get the latest info on meetings and outings. Members will receive notifications of upcoming links in our “NIMF NEWS” emails. Sunday July...

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Barbecue at Camp Veselka Sept 2021

Thanks to all who attended and assisted. Special shout outs to Brian and Sheldon for their casting demos and instruction, and to Peter and Charlie for their help with the barbecue. Also a round of applause for Steve and his...

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West Credit River Art Competition

  To help bring awareness to this aquatic ecosystem the Coalition for the West Credit River is holding a colouring contest for children and adults. Enter the contest for a chance to win a prize!! Some quick facts about West...

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Save the West Credit River

This is an opportunity for us all to make a difference by saving a precious fly-fishing habitat.   Please read this and pass it along to all your friends. We can and will make a difference.   Be Part of the Action – Save...

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Riverside Bird Life by Steve Noakes

  In this series Steve shows his talents as a premier avian wild life photographer and videographer. VOLUME 1 Springtime bird life in river valleys and creeks of Southern Ontario. Red bellied woodpecker (0:16​) Downy woodpecker...

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Bob Lindquist

Zoom Meeting: Labrador, Land where the King Still Reigns. March 21, 2023
See your Club email for the Zoom link