Essential Flies

Most Effective Flies


Over the last few years we have found greater success with the following patterns:

[ Bead Head Nymph ]  [ Deer Hair Caddis ]  [ Rabbit Strip Streamer ]

Nymph: Bead Head Hare’s Ear Nymph in sizes 14 to 18.

Beaded Hare's Ear Nymph

Bead-Head Hare’s Ear Nymph


This one has rabbit hair tail and grey rabbit fur dubbing, and can also be used without a bead head.

Fish this in rapids for rainbows or in the seams for browns.

We prefer to fish this on an un-weighted floating tip line.

It can be fished upstream with enough slack to get it to sink, or it can be fished quartering downstream, allowing it to drift directly downstream.

Sometimes the trout will hit as the fly is being retrieved slowly using a Leisenring lift. This fly can also be deadly when allowed to drift directly downstream under a logjam.


Dry Fly: Mercer’s Missing Link Caddis

Mercer's Deer Hair Caddis

Mercer’s Missing Link Caddis

This is Mercer’s Missing Link Caddis in a size 14 to 18.

It has a trailing Antron shuck, a deer hair wing, posted with a parachute hackle.

Fish on a floating line with a long leader, cast quartering upstream and mend the line upstream to get a natural drift.

Remember that as a dry fly, once you get a take, allow a couple of seconds for the trout to turn into the hook before setting it.





Streamer: Rabbit or Squirrel Strip


Slump Buster

This is a Slump Buster, on a size 6 to 10 on a trout streamer hook.
These can be weighted with just the bead head or with underwired weights wrapped on the underbody.
The fish will usually take this fly as it ends its swing. Be very careful with this pattern as it’s a heart stopper for catching the big ones

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