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  1. Glad to see that the IWFFC is still alive and well. I was one of the dozen or so people present at the founding meeting of the club seemingly a million years ago now in Oakville, Ontario. Well done!

  2. Hello:
    I recently tried to contact Peter Hurst and found out that he has passed away. That leaves only Don Moore as a living founder of the IWFFC. I talked to Don today.
    Two members of our KWFFC want to collect information on fly fishing in Canada. I told them that Peter Hurst had set out to do that many years ago. The last time I talked to Peter he said that he was thinking about turning over all of his research to the IWFFC. Did he do that and, if so, could I get a copy? Thank you for your response.

    • Hello Ken,
      I have a binder entitled “Canadian Fly Fishing Heritage” prepared by Peter for the IWFFC. I live in Stratford and could let borrow it for as long as you need.
      David Williams

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