Here are some tried and true patterns. These are all patterns tied by members of the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club.

Some of the links are static pages and others link to past club video presentations.

Please feel free to add your comments at the bottom of each page:

Sean Deighton’s Flies.

These are the three Flies that Sean demonstrated at the Club Meeting on the 5th December 2017.

You can see the videos here:

Senko WormWiggle HexCarp Dragon

Sheldon Seale’s Hot Fly selection:

These are all videos from the 7th November 2017.

(Pay special attention to the last video in the series as it contains a synopsis of all of the patterns that Sheldon tied that evening).

 Canadian Hammill’s Killer Sparkle-Assed Snow Shoe Emerger  SnowShoe Caddis

 SnowShoe Spent Spinner  Coney Leech Streamer   ‘Cu’ Ronomid

 Lake Erie Perch Fry  B Cubed Nymph   Seal’s Fur Dragon Fly Nymph  




Previous Club Fly Patterns:

 Starling Darling  Hendrickson Nymph  Hendrickson Dun 

 Hendrickson Spinner Leech Streamers  Easy-Tie Stonefly 

   Straw Shrimp  THE Grand Fly  Hemp Flies 

Triple D Streamer  BWO Comparadun  Dan’s Turkey Quill Midge Emerger 

the Juanone? fly  Crane Fly  the Taddy  Tilva Stones  3F Frogs 

 The Usual  CreditCruncher  Foam Bomber