Here’s the task:

You are to tie a fly using only the materials shown below, and you can use any number of permanent markers to color the fly. You will submit a picture of your fly, and any successful catches that you make using the pattern you submit.

You are allowed to use as many unaltered copies of your original fly as you like; some will, no doubt, be offered to the tree and weed gods.

It would be a good idea to have your catches witnessed, but on the whole we will assume that no-one would ever think of switching flies! So be honest. Otherwise you will incur the wrath of all the other participants, each flailing at you with their runner-up flies.

The challenge will be open for the 2015 fishing season.

Send at least two pictures of your fly: one side view and the other from the top.

It is a condition of the challenge that you will allow publication of your submissions.

The person submitting the most innovative/productive fly will win a pre-paid participation in one of Ian Colin James‘ fly tying classes.

Materials List.

Hook: One debarbed, Maximum size 6

Thread: Only one color; you choose

Material: Coarse hemp for all components of the fly.

Head Cement: One color only: you chose


To enter: Submit your description and pictures to……..this email address.

Good luck, and remember to tie with the hemp not smoke it.

david williams