March 1st 2015
We are planning our first club trip of the season, an ice fishing trip to be held on Sunday March 1st.
The trip will be targeting crappie, perch and perhaps pike, and will be at either Fairy Lake in Acton, or Island lake near Orangeville.
Sheldon or I will provide further details for the website closer to the date. This will be a cheap trip.  One lake is free, the other has a minimal charge as it is in a Conservation Area.
We will be taking care of the ice augers, buckets to sit on and tote fish in and a warming tent  etc so people do not need to stampede to the 20% off sale at Sail and buy a bunch of things they may not want to ever use again.
Participants will only need to get a light action ice-fishing rod and reel (two lines per angler is allowed if they wish), and wear appropriate clothing for the weather.  People are encouraged to email me, (Joel Hartling) with any questions.  I get the feeling a number have never tried this insanity………
Sheldon will provide more details regarding what is appropriate to wear  at the  next meeting.