After many years of fishing S.W. Ontario rivers, (especially the Grand), I have had amazing success with this pattern. This year I have used it successfully for browns, rainbow, and bass. It has out fished even my previously favorite Hare’s Ear Nymph pattern.

It has also proven to be a non hatch dependent pattern, and has been successful during different hatches on the Grand, and the Forks of the Credit.

Try it and get back to me; I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Hook: Mustad Streamer size 12 R75-79580

10 gr soft copper wire.

Thread: 8.0 Yellow

Tail: Coq de Leon

Abdomen: Light yellow ice dubbing.

Abdomen segmentation and wing case: 1/32″ wide Pearl Mylar #14

Thorax: Natural rabbit dubbing.

Legs: Yellow Mallard Barred Flank feather.

Debarb the hook:


Wrap the copper wire around the shank with additional wraps toward the eye: (Why copper rather than lead? Just look at the luminescence of the wetted fly and you will see that the copper shows through, giving a very lifelike appearance).

Secure the whole thorax and abdomen with the thread: YellowGrand3

Tie in about ten Coq de Leon fibres for the tail, not longer than the hook width:YellowGrand4

Tie in a 4 inch piece of pearl Mylar at the base of the tail:YellowGrand5


Trim the tail feather stems, then dub the abdomen with the yellow Ice dub:


Wind the Mylar forward with 5 turns, leaving small gaps for the Ice dub.

Secure the Mylar on top of the abdomen, but do not trim it yet:


Prepare the mallard flank feather:



Tie in the tip of the feather, with the concave side upwards, at the junction of the abdomen and thorax.

Then apply the natural rabbit dubbing along the thorax:


Bring the feather forward over the thorax and tie in behind the eye of the hook:


Bring the Mylar over the top of the feather, and tie that in behind the eye:


Color the upper abdomen and thorax with a brown sharpie:YellowGrandFinal7

Whip finish and apply several drops of U. V. cement to build up a wing case:YellowGrandFinal8


david williams