Ian Colin James

Although his website has been taken down it still can be accessed as an archive here.

His writings carry that special wit and Scottish dryness. These pages are a treasure to our fly-fishing fraternity.

Ian Colin James, passed away on 29th June, 2015,

His remarkable wit, impeccable aplomb, profound wisdom, captivating writings, enlightening teachings, unwavering honesty, devoted students, and unyielding guile proved his lasting impact.

As the rain poured and the Grand River surged into a torrent, Ian peacefully transcended into eternity.

It was not an overdose of epoxy, the daily chaos of Brassy Asses he tied, or the losses of the Scottish Rugby team that led to his departure.

It was simply his time, catching us all off guard.

Ian, we will forever miss you in our own fleeting lives. Toodles.