The Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club has evolved since inception in 1971. The following live links celebrate our proud history. Here you can find articles by iconic fly-fishers.  Feel free to browse and experience the wisdoms we have inherited.


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| 1980 |

The Forum: A meeting with a difference.  The Last Word: Cec. Swannell.  Troutin and Trottinin the Ozarks: Joan Whitlock.  Bucktail and Streamers for Trophy-Sized Browns: Ken Robbins.  How Lucky can you Get: Greg. Clark.  Taking Difficult Trout: Phil Kettle.  Selecting a Fly-Fishing  Outfit: Lefty Kreh.  Pre-Season Maintenance: Phil Kettle.  The Quiet Largemouths: Richard Hoffman.  To Use a Net to Help a Trout: Larry Solomon.  The Trout and Its Environs: Jack Imhof.  Cape Breton: Elliott Deighton.  January Fishing: Ruth J. Zinck.  Backswimmer and Olive Mayfly Nymph: Ted Knot.  Your Leader and Select the Right Ones for You: Norm Thompson

Change is the Only Constant: Phil Kettle.  President’s Message: Bill Christmas.  Federation of Fly Fishers Goes Canadian: Chris Marshall.  How Many Flies? Ken Robbins. Fly Fishing for Steelhead: David Richey.  Respectfully, A New Discovery with the Old Partridge and Orange: Don Moore.  Leaders, Droppers and Strike Indicators: Don Moore.  Dry Fly Proportions: Elliott Deighton.  A Family Affair: Sue Robbins.  Caddis Flies on the Albany: Phil Kettle.  The Controlled Energy Concept of Casting: Mike Maxwell.  Pattern and Presentation: Doug Swisher.  Fly Fishing in Southern Ontario: Michael Jeavons. Catskill Memories: Len Yust.  The Credit River, Rebirth of a Quality Fishery: Jack Imhof. Ontario Mayfly Emergence Table.  Modified Grey Fox Variant: Bill Christmas.  Dear Juliana: Elliott Deighton.  

| 1984 |

| 1986 |

President’s Message: Phil Kettle.  Editorial: Michael Jeavons.  Statement to Legislature by Vincent Kerrio (MNR).  16 Mile Creek Update: Bob Deane.  The Hatch on the Tarpon Flats: Larry Solomon.  Leader Situations: Phil Kettle.  City Trouting: Michael Jeavons.  A Primer for Rusty Spinners: Len Yust.  The Well Dressed Fly Fisher: Michael Jeavons.  A Memorable Mystery: Len Yust.  Fishing for Steelhead with the Sunken Fly: Ehor Boyanowsky.  Dear Juliana: Elliott Deighton.  From the Notes of a Wet Fly Fisherman (About Hendricksons and Grannoms): Don Moore.  Warmwater Tactics and Techniques: Jack Imhof.  Brown Trout on the Bighorn River: Barry Church.  Fly Tying Tips for the Beginner: Ted Knott.

Message from the President: Bob Kuehnbaum.  IWFFC Awards – 2005.  Review of IWFFC Conservation Activities for 2003-2005: Pat Kelly, Conservation Chair.
Getting Started in Fly Fishing: Bob Lundy. Fly Fishing from a Woman’s Perspective: Sue Robins.  Our Future, Our Responsibility: Ken Robins.  The Mighty Saugeen: is it at a Crossroads?  Jack Imhof.  Talking Trash: Ian Colin James.  International Showcase of Fly Tyers.  Donors to the 2005 Canadian Fly Fishing Forum.  The Thrill of Sight Fishing: Thibaut Millet.  A Baker’s Dozen from France:
Paul Marriner.  Some Favourite Brown, Brook, Westslope Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout Patterns: Jon Bissett .

| 2006 |

| 2007 |

Message from the President: Bob Kuehnbaum.  Forum Committee/Executive.  IWFFC Awards – 2006.  IWFFC Conservation Highlights 2006: Pat Kelly.  Favourite Flies for Trout: Sue Robins.  The Parasitic Fly Fisherman: Ian Colin James.  Fly Fishing Techniques for Smallmouth Bass: Thibaut Millet.  Striped Bass: The Fish of All Tastes: Pascal Moreau.   The Minipi: Dave Brand.  Donors to the 2006 Canadian Fly Fishing Forum.  International Showcase of Fly Tyers.  A Split Bamboo Fly Rod, Which One’s Right for You? Ron Barch.  Isopods: The Non-hatch Non-fly: Ian Martin.  Hard-fished Waters: Jim McLennan