Double Haul 1980 Title Page


Change is the Only Constant: Phil Kettle. 

President’s Message: Bill Christmas. 

Federation of Fly Fishers Goes Canadian: Chris Marshall. 

How Many Flies? Ken Robbins.

Fly Fishing for Steelhead: David Richey. 

Respectfully, A New Discovery with the Old Partridge and Orange: Don Moore. 

Leaders, Droppers and Strike Indicators: Don Moore. 

Dry Fly Proportions: Elliott Deighton.

A Family Affair: Sue Robbins. 

Caddis Flies on the Albany: Phil Kettle. 

The Controlled Energy Concept of Casting: Mike Maxwell. 

Pattern and Presentation: Doug Swisher. 

Fly Fishing in Southern Ontario: Michael Jeavons.

Catskill Memories: Len Yust. 

The Credit River, Rebirth of a Quality Fishery: Jack Imhof.

Ontario Mayfly Emergence Table. 

Modified Grey Fox Variant: Bill Christmas. 

Dear Juliana: Elliott Deighton.