This is just a small list of the most revered guides in S.W. Ontario.

Manny Borges. Norfolk County and Grand River.

Graham Bristow. Fly Fishing lessons and Drift boat excursions.

Ken Chandler. S.W. Ontario rivers.

Ken Collins. Grand River.

Bonnie Cowan. Grand River. Ladies Flyfishing guide.

Tyler Dunsmore. Middle Grand, Saugeen and Maitland. Drift boat and wading.

Tim Fischer. Drift Boat Trips and Walk and Wades on the Saugeen River.

Scott Hall. Grand River.

Rob Heal. Grand River.

Ian Colin James. Grand River. Thames River. (Ian passed away in 2015. Please feel free to follow the link to gain valuable insights into one of Ontario’s fly fishing legends).

Chris Krysciak. Custom Fly Tyer, Fly Casting Instructor.

Steve May. Grand River.

Larry McGratton. Grand River.

Larry Mellors. Fly Fishing Trips and Lessons on the Grand River.

Mike Metcalfe. Upper Grand River and Bighead River wading trips.

Douglas Moen. Grand River.

Bill Spicer. Grindstone Anglers.

Ian Troup. Guiding the Grand , Maitland and Saugeen Rivers.  Walk and Wade and Drift Boat Trips.

John Valk. Grindstone Anglers.

Mike Verhoef. Maitland River. Bayfield River.