Club Tune: Thanks to Curtis Smith, and  Mikey and the Reelers


This Sunday’s meeting at Camp Veselka has been postponed, due to pandemic precautions.

I know this is a pain, but we value our members’ safety and health.

Brian is committed to giving you his expert tuition once this is all under control.
We will keep you updated.

Ian Troup Guide Flies

Mark your calendar. Starting at 1pm Sunday 4th October 2020
at Camp Veselka in Acton
  (Just a stone’s throw from Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener and Guelph).
Participants should bring their own rod, reel and line, mask and a packed lunch with refreshments.
There is lots of space on the 100 acre Camp, 
and we can even try out the pond for bass and maybe a trout or two.
We will have fly casting with targets, measuring tapes, parking cones, flags and hoops and additional games. 
This will be a fun day for novices and mature fly fishers alike.
Some members mentioned they wanted to try spey casting, and we will do that.
Also, “Knots of Fun”  with instructions and 2 different colors of rope so people can tie knots and share their knowledge of different knots. 
SAFETY: Wear a hat or cap and eye protection.
With the new provincial restrictions we are limited to 25 participants, so please send us an email if you intend to participate. First come, first served.
Non-Members are also welcome to come along if there is space available. Just respond to this email.
Below is a map. Please note that the gate to the Camp will appear to be closed but you can open it, then close it behind you.

Upcoming Online Zoom Meeting:

Ian has a passion for competitive angling and coached the first and only all women team to compete in the Canadian National Championships. Ian is the former Canadian National Vice champion and current member of Team Canada, having the honour to represent Canada internationally, including Team Canada’s first ever Gold Medal performance at the 2016 Commonwealth championships with Silver the following year, most recently taking top Canadian rod at the World Fly Fishing championships in Tasmania.

Ian is on the pro-staff for the Franklin Club and was certified as an FFF Fly Casting instructor in 2008.

If you want to join us on Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020 07:30 PM just click on this link on the 16th at 7:30pm


You may be asked to enter this passcode: 100111

If you would prefer to use your cell phone, dial either of these numbers and you may be asked for the passcode above.

+1 647 374 4685

+1 647 558 0588

Bass Day on the Grand

You may remember Robert Reid and Wesley Bates. They gave a preamble of their new publication “Casting into Mystery” at our club in 2019.

Their warmth and enthusiasm has been recognised in publication by Porcupine’s Quill.

Please feel free to grab a copy of their book  in support of their artistic, insightful work

Their book is now available on Amazon here.


Our Annual Bass Day will begin at noon on Sunday 2nd August.
We will meet at noon at the entrance of the Brant Conservation Area. 
Then we will enter the park and park our cars just below the dam. 
There is a small entrance fee to get into the Park. 
Have lunch before meeting at noon.
You will need at least a 5 wt rod and streamers, woolly buggers or weighted nymphs. 

Here is the link to the petition to save the Brookies in the West Credit::


Submission on the proposed Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Town of Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant – Concerns over Brook Trout and Fish Habitat on the West Credit River

Here is more information on the proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant in Erin: Stop the Insanity


Club Crest 1971

Below is a link to some valuable information on the proposed Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The headwaters of the Credit River and the communities downstream should be aware of the dire consequences if this becomes a reality (Belfountain, Inglewood, Caledon, Boston Mills, Ferndale, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta, Georgetown, Norval, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erindale, Port Credit and Mississauga).

If this plan is not stopped in its tracks all these communities will spend millions in future mitigation and remediation costs.

Is it better to have action to prevent this plant becoming reality, or should we complacently be inactive?

Let us all look for an alternative plan that will conserve the Forks of the Credit and its valued environs.


If you want to help, consider signing this petition. 


 Reassuring update from the Chief Finance officer in Caledon:

Dear Mr. Troupe, Thank you for your email. I hope you are doing well in these unprecedented times. The Town’s Emergency Operations Centre implemented additional parking and stopping restrictions in the area in response to COVID-19 pandemic-related State of Emergency declared by the Province, Provincial Emergency Orders, emergency declarations by the Town of Caledon and the Region of Peel, and concerns (including physical distancing, litter concerns), received by area residents and councillors. Over the past couple of days, I have received a high volume of emails similar to your email below and will consult again at the Town’s Emergency Operations Centre and with the councillors for the area. Subject to their direction, the signage in the area will remain unchanged until parks/conservation space in the area are open or until the Provincial State of Emergency is lifted. It is unfortunate that this may cause an inconvenience to you, however, if you can enjoy your leisure activity in compliance with all of the Provincial Emergency Orders and advice from health officials, alternatives available to you are to: – arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up; or – find an area where parking is permitted (that may not be as nearby as you are used to) and walk if it is safe to do so. Whether you are a driver or pedestrian in the area, please be mindful of all users of the roadway and please keep safe. Best regards, Fuwing Wong General Manager/Chief Financial Officer Finance and Infrastructure Services.

It appears that the TEMPORARY parking restrictions along the Forks of the Credit Rd are going to remain PERMANENTLY!!!!

On behalf of our Club I have sent the following request:

(Please feel free to paste and copy this to anyone who might be able to advocate removal of these parking restrictions).

As a senior executive of the Board of the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club, I would appreciate some information on the restricted parking along the Forks of the Credit Rd.

We understand that there was a TEMPORARY ban along the road imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We believe that this parking restriction has now been extended indefinitely; this is causing consternation among many civil groups, including us. For half a century we have advocated for and financed conservation efforts in riparian watersheds.

In return we have enjoyed the fruits of careful management.

The parking restrictions have placed a severe limitation on anglers, hikers, artists, and families.

Would you be so kind as to convey our utmost concern on these restrictive measures, and would you please provide me with the names and titles of the involved counsellors to enable us to lobby and mount a vigorous campaign to reverse these draconian restrictions.

You have one of the most beautiful environments in Ontario; we will continue to advocate for responsible access for all Ontarians.

We look forward to your response.

With Utmost Sincerity,

David Williams

Bonnie’s Brown Trout

The fish of a lifetime. Full length video of the battle to land a big brown on the Grand river, Ontario.

Only a fly fisher will appreciate the whole length of this video. Bonnie’s cool demeanor belies the adrenaline rush that she experienced; her biggest fish to date.

The Grand river has already been stocked with brown trout, despite the virus lockdown. 
However, we have cancelled all overnight accommodations at Drew House, after consulting with Roger Dufau, the owner.
Instead we will meet at 10 am on Tuesday, 2nd June outside the Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop in Fergus. 
It is possible that Rob may be available to update us on tips and conditions for the day. 
Bring a packed lunch and liquids for sustenance.

Stonefly Pattern: Try casting this to the river bank rocks, as this is where the nymphs crawl to shed their nymphal skin before turning into an adult.

Here is a weighted variation of the March Brown:

Chris landed this super steelhead using a crayfish pattern this week. 


Restricted Access to Forks of the Credit at  McLaughlin Rd.

Please be aware that the Forks of the Credit is closed in perpetuity to fishing at the McLaughlin Road’s easterly access. The owner has taken down the booth that you see on the google map here: https://www.google.ca/…/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxN0nxLtuLha_8RW…
You can still fish upstream heading west.

Fly Fishing S.W. Ontario

Let’s work together to provide PPE for our heroic Front Line workers.

Vises to Visors Campaign

Have a look in your attic and see whether you have the makings for this fly:

Thanks, Bill:

Covid-19 precautions

See the full list of club videos here

24th March 2020

In case we are stuck inside for many weeks, here is a fly that we can all tie using everyday materials in our bathroom. Be aware that it doesn’t float unless you cheat and add a hackle from your fly tying bench.
Will it catch fish? Let us know.
Stay healthy and two rods lengths away from your friends.

17th March 2020

Quick tie video featuring Ian’s famous Muncher nymph. Ian was one of the first guides on the Grand River in Ontario. He remains a constant part of our lives. One of our most ardently passionate fly fisherman, he was knowledgeable, humorous and consistently approachable.

14th March 2020

OK, so we are all closeted at home, trying to get through the next month or two without going stir crazy. So we will try to fill the void with some extra ideas.

Below is a video for a Flymph.

What’s a flymph? Basically a furry wet fly.
Inspired by Polly Rosborough, author of “Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs”.
The rabbit base for this fly gives it some floatation. Try quarter casting it UPSTREAM and fish as a dry fly with repeat upstream mends. As the fly passes it will tend to sink, then it can be fished as a wet.
If you want to fish this as a nymph, it will need some lead shot on the leader.
Note: It is tied without any weight so that it will move more freely in the current.
Cheers: David W

Update 11th March 2020

Next meeting on Tuesday 17th March has been cancelled:


Update 5th March 2020

This is the second video from last Tuesday; Sean Deighton ties a Trout Spade Fly:

This is the first video from last Tuesday; Sean Deighton ties a steelhead spider.

HAFFT club:

Meeting: At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington,

Casting into Mystery by Robert Reid and Wesley W. Bates on 10th March

Casting into Mystery is a celebration of the meditative sport of fly fishing and of the camaraderie and quietude to be found not only in the gentle flow of river currents, but also in the community and culture of anglers past and present.

Writer Robert Reid and wood engraver Wesley W. Bates will be presenting their work to members. Avid anglers, both put ink to paper in homage to the venerable sport of fly fishing. Through text and image, they recall with fondness the ‘company of rivers’ that provides a glimpse inside a sporting culture rife with literature, art and music. Part memoir, part objet d’art and part field guide, Casting into Mystery will delight passionate fly fishing practitioners and armchair anglers alike.

We will have copies of the book (at a discounted price of $25) and engravings for purchase.

Guests and non members welcome.

HAFFT will be partnering with The Playhouse Cinema at 7pm on the 23rd of April for the IF4TM film festival in Hamilton at 177 Sherman Ave. N.


Update 3rd March 2020

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd March at 7:30 pm at the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre.
It will soon be opening day and the steelhead are calling.
Sean Deighton:
will be tying some steel head patterns and giving his expert advice on netting that dream fish; so come along and bring a friend.

Update 22nd Feb 2020

Thanks to all the volunteers last weekend at the Spring Fishing and Boating Show; click on the side arrows to see all the pictures.

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Here’s Brians video from last Tuesday:

Update 21st February 2020

Our friends at the Hamilton Area Fly Fishers and Tyers have a great seasonal program. You can see it here.

Update 11th February 2020.

At our next club meeting on Tuesday 18th February

Brian Teal


will be “Tying, Talking, and Troubleshooting?”

Bring your bobbin and any other special tools that you have found that assist you in your tying skills. Brian will also assist you in tuning up your bobbin for easing control of your thread.

This will be an open table session where you can learn basic and advanced techniques.

Looking forward to seeing you. Bring a friend.

8th Annual Grand River Outing


Thanks to Sheldon for another memorable evening; here is his video from Tuesday night:

Update 28th January 2020

Our next scheduled meeting will be on Tuesday 4th February at 7:30 pm

Sheldon Seale

will be tying “Flies that are easy to say Goodby to”.

He will be tying really easy, and effective, flies that most everyone could tie.

So come along and bring a friend.


HAFFT club:

Meeting: At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario on Tuesday 28th January 2020


The theme will be “Flies for the Bottom”. Cheap, effective, easy-to-tie, quick-to-tie, and expendable.

Nymphing requires the fies to be presented near the bottom, unfortunately that is also where the hook will find something to tangle with. So if you wish to nymph effectively expect to lose some flies. Sheldon will be showing us some great patterns that wont break the bank, and might even tempt you to put them where the fish might be.

Guests and non members welcome.

Fly Tying Mentorship

As usual we will still charge $3.00 at the door and $2 towards fly tying materials on tying nights, where we supply materials.


Pollution in the Humber River

presented by:

Rachel Giles

Rachel discusses the major pollutants in this S.W. Ontario river, with emphasis on salt runoff and particulate plastics and rubber.
Recorded at the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club on the 21st January 2020.


Update 10th January 2020

Make a note of our upcoming meeting on 21st January 2020:


Here are the videos from Tuesday 7th 2020 when Chris Krysciak tied four saltwater flies:

Saltwater Flies by Chris Krysciak


Rod Building Panel session 14th of January 2020

Are you thinking of building your own fly rod? John will lead a show and tell on fly rod building, so please bring any fly rods you have built and the kit you used so that we can share our experience, with those thinking of building their own.

David Towers a well-respected bamboo rod builder will be present to give us some background on building Bamboo rods and answer any questions

For me I have a great memory of catching a brookie on a rod that I built with a fly that I tyed.

If you are new to fly tying we will have people who can help you get started.

Guests and non members welcome.

Meetings: Second and fourth Tuesday 7:30pm, September till May. At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario

Update 3rd January 2020

To kick off the new year:

 Chris Krysciak 

will be our guest tyer on Tuesday 7th January at 7:30 pm at the Carmen Corbasson Community Center.

He will be tying The Mantis Shrimp, The Avalon, The EP Peanut Butter, and The Coyote Spawning Shrimp.

So come along and bring a friend.

Update 28th December 2019

Happy New Year to all

Update 13th December 2019

Here’s a recent video from Rob Heal, tying a Silver Doctor streamer

Update 12th December 2019

Join us on Tuesday, 17th December at 7:30pm at the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre

Bring a friend, seasonal cake, tarts, pies or drinks and join in the revelry.
If you have any items that you can donate, we will also be having a door prize raffle.

Update 5th December 2019

Thanks to Dimitri for his presentation on Tuesday.

Here’s the video:



George will be showing the group how to tie a crane fly. This terrestrial insect is common in September. A good fly to have in your box especially when the season draws to a close and you need something different to tempt a picky trout.

We will be supplying material and will have some spare vices and tools for those that need them.

If you are new to fly tying we will have people who can help you get started.

Guests and non members welcome.

Fly Tying Mentorship

In the past we had a beginners’ tying table and occasionally an intermediate tying table or guest tyer demonstrating a few flies. Over the last few years a significant change has occurred at our tying meetings. I have tried to get as many people tying as possible, rather than watching a talented tyer, and taking notes and trying to tye the fly at home. Also there were a number of outside courses where new skills could be learnt, alas they now seem to be few and far between.

From feedback the new format is popular, but there is a demand for basic tying instruction. I have received a number of suggestions from small groups learning at someone’s house to one on one tying sessions, unfortunately there is no short cut to experience. I believe hands on is the way to go.

If you are interested in attending or being available to mentor please let me know and we will try and coordinate. We can help with tying vices, tools and some materials.

Meetings: Second and fourth Tuesday 7:30pm, September till May. At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario



On Dec 10th, Brant Fly Tyers will be hosting Larry Halyk.

For further details go to:


Update 25th November 2019

Here is the video from our  evening with Rob Voisin on the 17th November 2019
Rob gave a presentation of the Friends of the Grand; he discussed past and future ventures and give insights on the status of the Grand River, Ontario.

Update 23rd November 2019
Our next club meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd December 2019
Realistic fly patterns (Isonichia bicolor). How to tie and fish this Mayfly.
Dimitri will be talking about fly patterns through the centuries and will concentrate on the May fly patterns of Isonychia bicolor, (where to find this May fly and how to fish it.
If the time permits, He will be tying realistic Isonychia patterns. 


Ancaster Creek Restoration a presentation by Jeff Stock 26th November 2019

Guests and non members welcome.The Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program (HWSP) works with landowners in the Hamilton Conservation Authority watershed, providing advice on environmentally friendly ways of managing properties with natural features such as woodlots, wetlands, meadows and creeks, and where possible, develops water quality and habitat improvement projects.Jeff Stock is a Watershed Stewardship Technician with the Hamilton Watershed Stewardship Program.

If you are new to fly tying we will have people who can help you get started.

As usual we will still charge $3.00 at the door and $2 towards fly tying materials on tying nights, where we supply materials.

Meetings: Second and fourth Tuesday 7:30pm, September till May. At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario

UPDATE 16th November 2019.

UPDATE 10th November 2019.

Our next IWFFC meeting will be on Tuesday 19th November.


Rob Voisin, Board Chair for Friends of the Grand River will join us to discuss the Grand River Tailwater and not only how it became a world class Brown Trout fishery, but how we can all help keep it that way! 

Friends of the Grand River is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the natural resources of the upper Grand River

Friends of the Grand River (FOGR) is a charitable organization which has been stewarding the upper section of the Grand River since 1995.  The organization is made up of a volunteer board of directors and countless other volunteers that help us achieve our mission.  We are people who believe all of us should have access to a clean and healthy river system which helps promote healthy lifestyles and economic impact. 


HAFFT NEWS. (Hamilton Fly Tyers)

On Tuesday 12th November, Rick K and Jim Fisher will be tying two of the late Ian Colin James’s renowned flies. (The Brass ass and the Muncher nymph).


As with most of Ian’s flies these flies catch fish. Bring your vices and some black thread, the brass ass is set in thick UV glue, if you have it bring it and the UV light.

We will be supplying material and will have some spare vices and tools for those that need them.

If you are new to fly tying we will have people who can help you get started.


We are also selling the next installment of T shirts Images: Carpe Caddis (CC) or Pike-Uliar (PU) in the following colours: Military Green (MG), Forest Green (FG), Black (B), White (W), Safari (S) and Charcoal Grey (CG) in a variety of sizes Size  S, M, L, 1XL to 6XL

Guests and non members welcome.

Membership dues have not changed and are now payable. $30 for single and $45 for families. This can be paid either: –

  1. in person at a meeting or
  2. through Paypal on our website or
  3. by e transfer to hafftclub@gmail.com send the security answer to me by text to +1-289-981-0669

As usual we will still charge $3.00 at the door and $2 towards fly tying materials on tying nights, where we supply materials.

Meetings: Second and fourth Tuesday 7:30pm, September till May. At the Hamilton Police Association, Banquet Centre, 555 Upper Wellington, Hamilton, Ontario.


Update 23rd Oct 2019

Have you sent in this year’s membership dues?

Only $40 for you and your family members:


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th November when

Steve May

will update us on a recent fly fishing trip to Stoco Lake, fishing for Musky.

He will also be tying a couple of flies, as well as giving invaluable tips for those looking to catch some lunkers.

So come along and bring a friend. You may also be introduced to Steve’s full and half chicken dinner flies!

Here are a couple of videos from Steve’s last visit to our club:

Update 9th October 2019

Our next meeting on Tuesday 15th October will feature

He will be discussing

Memberships are due for renewal at:


Update 24th September 2019

Our next meeting on 1st October 2019 will feature

William Gerrard.

He will be discussing and enhancing our knowledge of mayfly imitation.

Most anglers focus their dry fly fishing on imitating the just-hatched or dun stage of the mayfly’s life-cycle.  William will be talking about how mayflies can offer some exciting trout action after they’ve gone through their second molt and they become spinners.  He’ll also demonstrate a few useful tricks for tying mayfly spinners. 

Update 4th September 2019

An exciting start to our Club Meetings will be a scintillating presentation by

Daniel Notarianni.

Daniel is both an avid fisherman and an accomplished photographer.

He will be regaling us with some of his tantalising images and will be enlightening us on improving our photography skills.

Come along on Tuesday 17th September at 7:30 at the Carmen Corbasson Community Centre, Cawthra Blvd, Mississauga, and bring a friend along as well.

Update 14th August 2019

Thanks to HAFFT for this invitation:

Douglas Outdoors will present a steelhead rod demo day

Come out for a day of demonstrations of their casting rods and reels. Optimist park on the Corner of Catherine and Creeden Street Paris

Aug 31 2019 @ 9:00 a.m


In Fond Memory of Carl Johnston

We lost a wonderfully courageous, loyal, friend in Carl, earlier today.
This is a shot of him at the end of last year at the Caldwell Pond.
Carl was a long-time member of our club. 
He served latterly as treasurer, and even though he moved up north, he kept in touch with us, and was always willing to assist us from afar.
His commitment to his family was exemplary. 
Even in sickness he had a kindly grin and soft spoken demeanor.
We will miss him tremendously.
I did not get notification of the time of the service, but it will probably be posted soon on the Glen Oaks Funeral Home site.


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