Club Tune: Thanks to Curtis Smith, and  Mikey and the Reelers


Here is the Zoom Meetings Agenda for 2021.

We will provide more details for each meeting through our Club newsletters

April 20th Silvia D’Amelio – Catchin’ them CutThroat

May 4th, Our very own,  Jim Wenger – Tyin’ One On

May 18th,   Todd Oishi – Easy BC Fishing

June 1st, Ryan Taylor from Ontario will be hand tying a salmon fly for us.


Here is the video from our last Club Zoom meeting.

Backgrounder on So Fly podcaster crew  with overviews of fly fishing both in Ontario and Tobago.

Advice on lodgings and equipment with illustrated banter. This was a Zoom presentation to the Club on 6th April 2021.


Take Action Now
The Coalition for the West Credit River is asking you to submit your comments to the Impact Assessment Registry to support the Coalition’s Designation Request and to express your feelings about the proposed Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant discharging over 7 million liters per day of sewage effluent into the West Credit River ecosystem. Your comments will demonstrate to the Impact Assessment Agency and Minister Wilkinson that the Coalition’s Designation Request has strong support from the public. Take action now – deadline for comments is 8 April 2021.
To make it easy for you we have prepared a submission letter with maximum flexibility. The letter has some core text that can be sent out as is, or you can choose from some key issues you might want to copy and paste into your letter. You may also choose to express your own feelings about the Town of Erin’s wastewater management plans.
Just go to this link, fill in your own information and edit the letter if you feel you need to add more.
Next online Zoom Meeting will be on Tuesday 6th April at 7:30.
Check your emails for the link.
SoFly: Fly Fishing Podcasts and their Fly Fishing exploits.
SoFly is fly fishing podcast that tells fishing stories. 
Their goal is to connect and celebrate the Ontario fly fishing community one episode, video, and event at a time. 
Started in 2016 by Mitch and Yilma, So Fly added Aldo to their roster in 2018. 
Since then they’ve been publishing bimonthly podcasts about their travels at home and abroad and chatted with fishy guests from around the world. 


Here’s the video from our last meeting with Paul Manuel:



At our next online Zoom Meeting on Tuesday 16th March at 7:30 pm Paul Manuel will be discussing “Antique Reel Collecting”.

Paul also has first hand knowledge of split cane fly rod construction. (See your latest Club email for the link information).


“Conversations on Conservation” with Silvia D’Amelio.

Silvia is the Chief Executive Officer of Trout Unlimited (Canada).
In this presentation she discusses the roles of T. U. (Canada) in the backdrop of environmental uncertainties. Her insights and knowledge base are eloquently demonstrated. Her unification strategies should be emulated throughout Canada. Sit back and hear one of Canada’s top environmental pioneers.


We were so enthralled to have Sheldon present again at this Zoom encounter of the Izaak Walton fly Fishing Club on the 2nd March 2021.

Here is a timeline for the video:

B-Cubed Fly Body: 2min 30 secs.

XT Body: 15 mins 12 secs.

Single Feather Extended Body: 29 mins 50 secs.

Squirmy Wormy: 38 mins 52 secs.

and a bonus review of this knot-The Canoe Man Knot: 45 mins 22 secs

Join us on Tuesday 2nd March online at 7:30 pm.
Will be presenting Fly Extensions.
“Fly tying fads come and go. For example, fly anglers have suddenly rediscovered jig flies. I’m old enough to remember when they were actually called “jig flies”! Yes, I’m that old…
Extended bodies for flies were all the rage 25 years ago but you don’t hear much about them now. In this session, I will demonstrate various ways of building extended bodies for your flies.
There are 2 reasons why extended bodies may be more advantageous than simply using a long shank hook. Many people believe that the long shank is more easily leveraged out of the fish’s mouth. Hence the popularity of flies with stinger style hooks and tube flies. The other advantage may be that by not feeling the hook in its mouth, the fish may hold onto the fly a little longer allowing you to finally wake up and set the hook!
In any case, the methods I will demonstrate are fairly straightforward and can be created with simple tools and materials”.





Protect our special waters, especially the West Credit River. This is today’s Press Release:


Feel free to spread the word by forwarding this press release.


This is the video from Steve’s presentation on the 2nd February 2021:

At our next scheduled online Zoom meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 16th February will feature
Check your recent club email for the link information.
Silvia D’Amelio, TUC’s CEO, has been with Trout Unlimited (Canada) for over 18 years.  
She trained as a fisheries biologist, geneticist and ecologist; her work started with scientific research and quickly moved to stream and habitat rehabilitation.
With a focus on real on-the-ground change, Silvia’s projects have improved the habitat of many rivers in southern Ontario, brought back native and endangered species and improved water quality for hundreds of thousands of people.  
Silvia also played a critical role in representing TUC on provincial committees, action plans and species at risk efforts while lobbying the federal government for greater protections of our natural resources.  
She took on the role of CEO 6 years ago and is here to tell us a bit about where the organization is headed and its role in the protection of Canada’s aquatic resources.
She also sent us this message:
“Some fly tyers have decided to host tying seminars to raise funds for conservation.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could send this around to the club for those interested. 
Anyone can join a seminar by making a (tax receipt) donation through that seminar page.  Also, anyone can create their own fundraising page and host a seminar!  Thank you so much for your help in getting the word out.  The details are below
I’m hosting the first seminar on February 17th (next week!), here’s the link to my page
thanks again for your help!”
At our next scheduled online Zoom meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday 2nd February will feature

Steve will begin his presentation talking about some of the greats: Lefty Kreh and Joan Salvato Wulff.
Then he will segue into a conversation about a Certificate Program , Bronze Silver Gold, for casting that the FFF offers.
The Main Event is “Fishing the Miramichi” where his Fly Fishing School operates.
Steve is a Fly Fishers International (FFI) Master Casting Instructor. 
He is an owner/operator of the Miramichi Fly Fishing School out of New Brunswick with decades of experience in fly fishing.  
He teaches single rod and two-handed (spey casting) and has fished around the world for multi-species angling.  
He regularly attends forums and expos teaching casting to kids.  
He is an accomplished fly tier and expert guide.

Time: Feb 2, 2021 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada). Check your Club email for your login link
This is the second video featuring Bob Clouser:
Here is the edited recording of Bob Clouser at our Zoom meeting last week.
In his amiable fashion we get a glance of the personality of Bob Clouser.
He is tying his world famous Clouser Minnow pattern in this video.
The video was produced through Zoom conference in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021. It has obvious limited video quality; but it does clearly show the unforgettable character of a world famous fly tying innovator. Enjoy.
Check your email and join us online Tuesday 19th January at 7:30 pm
will be tying his famous Clouser Minnow
Please also email Brian, our Program Coordinator with any question that you might like to ask Bob.
This is our own Brian Teal showing off his talents at a splash pad, just before the pandemic hit:

Ken Cowling deserves our attention and support:

Erin man protesting wastewater treatment plant

Here is Jack’s recent Club presentation:

Here is Rob Cesta’s great presentation on sinking tips (recorded on 1st December 2020.

Our next online Zoom meeting will be on Tuesday 15th December at 7:30pm.
(Check your emails for the Zoom access link).
 “Investing in our Present and Future Fishing: 
Restoring and Protecting our Rivers”. 
Jack Imhof mostly retired in 2017 as the National Biologist and Director of Conservation Ecology for Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC). 
He has spent over 48 years of his life working on river and watershed restoration. 
Jack specializes in restoration ecology, watershed science and management and natural channel design. 
He retired in 2010 as a Provincial Aquatic Ecologist and Watershed Research Scientist with MNRF. 
Jack is an adjunct professor at Guelph and helped to develop the Watershed Management Approach in Ontario as well as the Natural Channel Systems Initiative. 
More recently he has helped to develop and teach the Watershed and Stream Rehabilitation Training Program of TUC. 
Jack received a Conservation Pioneer Award at the 19th Annual A.D. Latornell Symposium in 2012 for his 40 years of work to improve the health and quality of Canada’s watersheds. 
 Jack is still an active fly fisher with 50 years of experience and has fished across Canada and the USA as well as England, Australia and Argentina. 
Over the years he has given close to 20 presentations at the Canadian Fly Fishing Forum. 
Jack has been a stalwart member of our fly fishing community. So don’t miss this opportunity to hear from an expert in his field.
(He is also a 5th dan in Yoshinkan Aikido). 


Here is an update on the Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant.


This is the edited video from our last Zoom Meeting with Chris Krysciak, from Drift Outfitters.

The video and sound are somewhat compromised by the Zoom quality, but you can admire the dexterity and knowledge that Chris offers here.

There is an additional footage inserted on a fish’s vision that is enlightening. Enjoy:


Tight line nymphing tips and equipment advice from internationally competitive Canadian experts Ivo Balinov and Ciprian Rafan.

Recorded from last week’s online Zoom meeting.

Chris Ties Superb Flies!  
Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting THIS TUESDAY.

Topic: Chris Krysciak
Time: Nov 17, 2020 07:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

*See your recent Club email for the Zoom Meeting link.*
Chris has been to the International Fly Tying Symposium as a demonstration tyer, featured in fly tying magazines and has won fly tying competitions abroad, his favourite area of tying is classic Atlantic salmon flies as well as big musky and predator flies. For about eight years now he has been a commercial tyer and is  now the proud custom tyer for Drift Outfitters.  

It is with sadness that we are reporting the death of one of our Club Founders, Peter Hurst.

If you look closely at the picture of him fishing the Saugeen, you might spot his good friend Emily, the racoon, on his shoulder.

Peter used to host the after-the-club meetings for a while in his butcher shop in downtown Oakville. The shop was in the old Oakville police station on Lakeshore. We would all chip in and Peter provided the cold cuts, cheese, buns and beer.
Peter was a man of many talents and went back to butchering after a career of human resource work. The butcher’s shop was fashioned after the old British butcher shops with specialized
cuts of meats, sausages, bacon and the like with care taken to personalized service.
He kept in touch with his British roots by going back there on holiday. Peter knew Frank Sawyer, (inventor of the Pheasant Tail Nymph as well as several other successful fly patterns).
Peter was also good friends with Bill Phillips who gave the Usual Fly it’s name. It was from Peter that we first learned of the Usual and what it was tied with. Bill was very tight lipped about the material source for the fly and only told a very few about the Snowshoe rabbit foot fur that makes the fly so successful. Pete let it slip one time and other tyers eventually found out.

Check your most recent Club email for more information on the next Zoom meeting on Tuesday  10th November at 7:30.

Ivo Balinov

will discuss, 

Cutting Edge Equipment and Tactics.   

Ivo has been fishing for over 35 years. His experience covers North America, Europe and the Caribbean. 

He is an experienced instructor who has helped countless people with their first steps into fly fishing while also coaching many advanced anglers, including several national champions of Canada as well as members of Canada’s National Youth Team. 

He himself has learned from some of the world’s very best competition anglers from the Czech Republic, Spain and the UK.

Always curious to explore new techniques, Ivo started European nymphing more than 15 years ago, at a time when these techniques were virtually unknown in Canada. Subsequently he introduced many others to these productive ways of fishing through organised classes and informal encounters on the water.

Be sure to join us and have some questions for Ivo.


This Sunday’s meeting at Camp Veselka has been postponed, due to pandemic precautions.

I know this is a pain, but we value our members’ safety and health.

Brian is committed to giving you his expert tuition once this is all under control.
We will keep you updated.

Ian Troup Guide Flies

Mark your calendar. Starting at 1pm Sunday 4th October 2020
at Camp Veselka in Acton
  (Just a stone’s throw from Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener and Guelph).
Participants should bring their own rod, reel and line, mask and a packed lunch with refreshments.
There is lots of space on the 100 acre Camp, 
and we can even try out the pond for bass and maybe a trout or two.
We will have fly casting with targets, measuring tapes, parking cones, flags and hoops and additional games.
This will be a fun day for novices and mature fly fishers alike.
Some members mentioned they wanted to try spey casting, and we will do that.
Also, “Knots of Fun”  with instructions and 2 different colors of rope so people can tie knots and share their knowledge of different knots.
SAFETY: Wear a hat or cap and eye protection.
With the new provincial restrictions we are limited to 25 participants, so please send us an email if you intend to participate. First come, first served.
Non-Members are also welcome to come along if there is space available. Just respond to this email.
Below is a map. Please note that the gate to the Camp will appear to be closed but you can open it, then close it behind you.

Upcoming Online Zoom Meeting:

Ian has a passion for competitive angling and coached the first and only all women team to compete in the Canadian National Championships. Ian is the former Canadian National Vice champion and current member of Team Canada, having the honour to represent Canada internationally, including Team Canada’s first ever Gold Medal performance at the 2016 Commonwealth championships with Silver the following year, most recently taking top Canadian rod at the World Fly Fishing championships in Tasmania.

Ian is on the pro-staff for the Franklin Club and was certified as an FFF Fly Casting instructor in 2008.

If you want to join us on Wednesday, Sep 16, 2020 07:30 PM just click on this link on the 16th at 7:30pm


You may be asked to enter this passcode: 100111

If you would prefer to use your cell phone, dial either of these numbers and you may be asked for the passcode above.

+1 647 374 4685

+1 647 558 0588

Bass Day on the Grand

You may remember Robert Reid and Wesley Bates. They gave a preamble of their new publication “Casting into Mystery” at our club in 2019.

Their warmth and enthusiasm has been recognised in publication by Porcupine’s Quill.

Please feel free to grab a copy of their book  in support of their artistic, insightful work

Their book is now available on Amazon here.


Our Annual Bass Day will begin at noon on Sunday 2nd August.
We will meet at noon at the entrance of the Brant Conservation Area.
Then we will enter the park and park our cars just below the dam.
There is a small entrance fee to get into the Park.
Have lunch before meeting at noon.
You will need at least a 5 wt rod and streamers, woolly buggers or weighted nymphs.

Here is the link to the petition to save the Brookies in the West Credit::


Submission on the proposed Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Town of Erin Wastewater Treatment Plant – Concerns over Brook Trout and Fish Habitat on the West Credit River

Here is more information on the proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant in Erin: Stop the Insanity


Club Crest 1971

Below is a link to some valuable information on the proposed Erin Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The headwaters of the Credit River and the communities downstream should be aware of the dire consequences if this becomes a reality (Belfountain, Inglewood, Caledon, Boston Mills, Ferndale, Cheltenham, Terra Cotta, Georgetown, Norval, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Erindale, Port Credit and Mississauga).

If this plan is not stopped in its tracks all these communities will spend millions in future mitigation and remediation costs.

Is it better to have action to prevent this plant becoming reality, or should we complacently be inactive?

Let us all look for an alternative plan that will conserve the Forks of the Credit and its valued environs.


If you want to help, consider signing this petition.


 Reassuring update from the Chief Finance officer in Caledon:

Dear Mr. Troupe, Thank you for your email. I hope you are doing well in these unprecedented times. The Town’s Emergency Operations Centre implemented additional parking and stopping restrictions in the area in response to COVID-19 pandemic-related State of Emergency declared by the Province, Provincial Emergency Orders, emergency declarations by the Town of Caledon and the Region of Peel, and concerns (including physical distancing, litter concerns), received by area residents and councillors. Over the past couple of days, I have received a high volume of emails similar to your email below and will consult again at the Town’s Emergency Operations Centre and with the councillors for the area. Subject to their direction, the signage in the area will remain unchanged until parks/conservation space in the area are open or until the Provincial State of Emergency is lifted. It is unfortunate that this may cause an inconvenience to you, however, if you can enjoy your leisure activity in compliance with all of the Provincial Emergency Orders and advice from health officials, alternatives available to you are to: – arrange for someone to drop you off and pick you up; or – find an area where parking is permitted (that may not be as nearby as you are used to) and walk if it is safe to do so. Whether you are a driver or pedestrian in the area, please be mindful of all users of the roadway and please keep safe. Best regards, Fuwing Wong General Manager/Chief Financial Officer Finance and Infrastructure Services.

It appears that the TEMPORARY parking restrictions along the Forks of the Credit Rd are going to remain PERMANENTLY!!!!

On behalf of our Club I have sent the following request:

(Please feel free to paste and copy this to anyone who might be able to advocate removal of these parking restrictions).

As a senior executive of the Board of the Izaak Walton Fly Fishing Club, I would appreciate some information on the restricted parking along the Forks of the Credit Rd.

We understand that there was a TEMPORARY ban along the road imposed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We believe that this parking restriction has now been extended indefinitely; this is causing consternation among many civil groups, including us. For half a century we have advocated for and financed conservation efforts in riparian watersheds.

In return we have enjoyed the fruits of careful management.

The parking restrictions have placed a severe limitation on anglers, hikers, artists, and families.

Would you be so kind as to convey our utmost concern on these restrictive measures, and would you please provide me with the names and titles of the involved counsellors to enable us to lobby and mount a vigorous campaign to reverse these draconian restrictions.

You have one of the most beautiful environments in Ontario; we will continue to advocate for responsible access for all Ontarians.

We look forward to your response.

With Utmost Sincerity,

David Williams

Bonnie’s Brown Trout

The fish of a lifetime. Full length video of the battle to land a big brown on the Grand river, Ontario.

Only a fly fisher will appreciate the whole length of this video. Bonnie’s cool demeanor belies the adrenaline rush that she experienced; her biggest fish to date.

The Grand river has already been stocked with brown trout, despite the virus lockdown. 
However, we have cancelled all overnight accommodations at Drew House, after consulting with Roger Dufau, the owner.
Instead we will meet at 10 am on Tuesday, 2nd June outside the Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop in Fergus. 
It is possible that Rob may be available to update us on tips and conditions for the day. 
Bring a packed lunch and liquids for sustenance.

Stonefly Pattern: Try casting this to the river bank rocks, as this is where the nymphs crawl to shed their nymphal skin before turning into an adult.

Here is a weighted variation of the March Brown:

Chris landed this super steelhead using a crayfish pattern this week.


Restricted Access to Forks of the Credit at  McLaughlin Rd.

Please be aware that the Forks of the Credit is closed in perpetuity to fishing at the McLaughlin Road’s easterly access. The owner has taken down the booth that you see on the google map here: https://www.google.ca/…/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sxN0nxLtuLha_8RW…
You can still fish upstream heading west.

Fly Fishing S.W. Ontario




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