Double Haul 1980 Title Page


The Forum: A meeting with a difference.  

The Last Word: Cec. Swannell.  

Troutin and Trottinin the Ozarks: Joan Whitlock.  

Bucktail and Streamers for Trophy-Sized Browns: Ken Robbins.  

How Lucky can you Get: Greg. Clark.  

Taking Difficult Trout: Phil Kettle.  

Selecting a Fly-Fishing  Outfit: Lefty Kreh.  

Pre-Season Maintenance: Phil Kettle.  

The Quiet Largemouths: Richard Hoffman.  

To Use a Net to Help a Trout: Larry Solomon.  

The Trout and Its Environs: Jack Imhof.  

Cape Breton: Elliott Deighton.  

January Fishing: Ruth J. Zinck.  

Backswimmer and Olive Mayfly Nymph: Ted Knot.  

Your Leader and Select the Right Ones for You: Norm Thompson.