December Updates

(19th December 2013)

Thanks to Derek and Warwick for their Restigouche River fishing trip review.

(We hear the constabulary are on the prowl for the perpetrators of the lost Burger King Crown).

Don Arthurs updated us on the MNR’s future proposals for down regulating Brown and Rainbow catches in the Credit River with the intent of supporting the populations of Atlantic Salmon and Brook trout. There will no doubt be much heated debate on the veracity and wisdom of this issue in the coming months.

On a lighter note, the Christmas Fly Competition was exceedingly well supported by the membership.

Thanks to all who brought in the Christmas goodies, and also a special nod to John Fox who won the second prize and contributed to the prize list. A special recognition goes to Chris Krysciak, a prospective budding new member who flashed into third place; first prize went to the President himself, Elliott, or his rendition of the “Nightmare Before Christmas”. …… more


(11th December 2013)

Club Meeting Tuesday 17th December, at 7:30 pm

In addition to all the fun and frivolity of the next Tuesday’s meeting, the IWFFC Atlantic salmon fishing team of Warwick Meadus, Derek Giles and Chris Day will feature a presentation of their very successful salmon trip at the Glen Eden Salmon Lodge on the Restigouche River, New Brunswick.
Here are some useful Atlantic Fly patterns:
Come and enjoy their presentation.
Also, bring some xmas goodies to share if you like, along with your Christmas Fly creation.

(4th December 2013)

Thanks to Chris Day for the demonstrations of the Blob, Sparkler, and OkeeDokee fly patterns:


The Blob

Hook: R90 Mustad (Wide Gape) Size 10

Body: Plush Fritz


The Sparkler

Hook: Mustad R90 Size 8 4x heavy

Body, Tail and Wing: Gold/silver Crystal Flash or similar.

Here is a useful link that you might be interested in. If you were really concentrating, you would have heard Chris also talk about the Foam Arse Blob

and here’s a link if you need to buy some Plush Fritz from Flymart.


November Updates

(28th November 2013)

Club member, Chris Day will be demonstrating fly tying at the next meeting. He  will be demonstrating some -UK Stillwater patterns such as Boobies,  blobs, humongous, sparklers, diawl bachs,  Commorants etc.


(20th November, 2013)

Thanks to Pat Kelly for the Furled Leader Demo. Pictures: here.

Here is Pat’s Excel Spreadsheet of Furled Leader Design Examples


(14th Nov 2013)

We are looking forward to hearing Pat Kelly’s demonstration on constructing furled leaders, at the next club meeting on Tuesday, 19th November at the Cawthra Community Center.
Elliott has promised that this time Pat will not be usurped by any club politics. So come and see how you can make your own leaders at a fraction of the cost of their store bought counterparts.
These leaders really do lay down very supply, and will enhance your fly presentations on the water.
Here is a note from Carl Johnston:

2014 Izaak Walton Flyfishing Hall at the Toronto Sportsmen Show 

The Show Dates are Feb 6 to 9, 2014
The Toronto Sportsmen Show (TSS) has arranged for a fly fishing oriented space featuring the casting lane, the Izaak Walton Club Booth and the ever popular Kids Tying.
Club Booth:
We are now looking for some help to plan and organize the club booth. Traditionally the booth has been our point of contact for the public where we provide information about the club, meetings, conservation work and everything flyfishing. We have an excellent backdrop featuring some big fish and anglers. Last year we tried to sell some hats, pins and shirts with limited success, and we tried showing the fly tying cd’s, however the feedback was that we weren’t very interesting. This year we need some new ideas and people to make them happen.
Some suggestions for previous years are as follows:
  • Large presentation of fly fishing video
  • Sale of more interesting items –new shirts, fly boxes etc
  • Speakers or other notable personalities

We are not limited to these idea, but rather they are presented to stimulate your creative juices.

Casting Lane:
Derek and Warrick will again be managing the Casting lanes and will be needing some assistance at the show, so if you’re interested in this please let us know.

Kids Tie:
We will have 2 tables or approx 12 vices set up for kids tying. In the past we have focused on wooly worms, and last year the Popsickle was introduced, which proved quite popular. We have now or will have supplies and equipment to do any type of fly you think a young person would be interested in tying, at our last meeting we saw some easy applications of foam and rubber legs, which might to popular with the kids. We always need help at these tables so please consider spending some time at the vices.

Volunteers will be reimbursed for parking/or transportation cost up to $14.00 per day. Volunteers will be given passes/badges to the show for the dates they have volunteered for.
Please contact Carl, or Warwick, or Derek.


(7th Nov, 2013)

That was a great evening with Rick Crawford on 5th Nov, 2013


He is a great raconteur, and has an obvious passion for tying and fishing foam flies.

So hold onto your foam sandals and foam door hangars, otherwise you’re goin’ ter see ’em floatin down the river.


His dissertation and demo also gave tips on presentation of the flies using his braided leader and 4 lb Maxima Chamelion tippet.

Thank you Rick; we really enjoyed you interactions with the club members, and we would be privileged to see you again in the near future. The Hamilton Fly Tiers are lucky to have you as one of their prime members.

The raffle was a great deal for all of the six winners, and the book sale raised another $135 for the club, thanks to the books donated by Don Moore.

All-in-all a great way to spend a Tuesday night.

See you all again at the next meeting on the 19th November

Message from Elliott:

At our next meeting on 5th November at 7:30 pm, we are pleased to feature a new  demonstrator to the IWFFC, Rick Crawford from the Hamilton and Area Fly  Fishers and Tyers. Rick, who has held several positions at the HAFFT  executive level, is a multi species fly fisher who makes a yearly pilgrimage to  the Bahamas for bonefish. His presentation to the IWFFC will focus on foam  terrestrial patterns for Western trout fishing but could also be used locally as  well.

Most of the executive and non elected positions within the  Club have been filled with the exception of  President and Program Chair.  Our entire last meeting was spent with the elections and discussing the  positions which are still not filled as well as the direction the Club wishes to  take. I will not go into what was discussed at this time as there are a few  issues still unsettled. I will say though that the President’s position is still  open and must be filled soon.
Elliott Deighton
Happy Halloween

We are still in the midst of getting a new executive formulated.
How to replace the irreplaceable?
A BIG, BIG, round of accolades to the retiring executive: Elliott, Bob, and Carl. They have steered the ship, and need some well earned down time.
It is with their big hearted and never faltering efforts that the club has maintained its stature. Thank you sooooo much guys.
We have a new vice president: congratulations to Ray Desilet.
Geoff McGregor will take over memberships.
Carl Johnston is still looking for a replacement for his position as Treasurer.
Elliott Deighton has “worn his reel well into the backing” and would be delighted to hand over the reins to a new President.
I have been reading though some back issues of the club magazine, and it really is through the efforts of active participants that we have seen growth and development, along with wisdom and insights. There is so much history to our club, and there have been and still are a whole raft of members and ex members who have been exemplary in their activities and skills.
So please feel free to add your own expertise  by considering taking up any of the vacancies.

On our next meeting night, Tuesday October 15th we will be holding bi-annual elections for all three of the executive positions, President, Vice President and Treasurer. The present executive will not be seeking re-election so it is imperative that as many of you attend as possible and vote in a new team to carry the IWFFC forward. It’s time for a change. Again, I remind you all that this is your club not mine. Get involved and make a difference.  Pat Kelly has kindly agreed to demonstrate his technique for making three stranded furled leaders. After casting one of Pat’s leaders at our indoor casting class this spring, I was amazed at how effortlessly Pat’s leaders turn over, yet remained limp and with none of the memory coil that tapered mono possesses. Bring a pen and paper and take notes. This demo is bound to be an eye opener for many of us.

October Updates:

Next club meeting, Tuesday Oct 1st. 7:30pm at Cawthra Park Community Center

For our first  fly tying night of the season Terry Allen will be tying Intruder style flies for  your entertainment pleasure.

September updates:

It’s been a challenging Summer’s fishing, with the extreme heat and rainfall.

I apologize for the omission of a Fly of the Month for September; however I would like to share this 16 minute video that I took at the beginning of September.

We had an all too brief 3 day visit to the Bow River, Calgary: the scenery was stunning given the flood damage. The river is eminently fishable.

The Bow at sunset

The rainbows and a cutthroat trout were caught either by drifting a dry terrestrial fly tight to the river edge, or by upstream casting a size 20 trico to sipping trout rises.

Lodging was at North Bow Lodge with the owners, Michele and Stu Wheeler. Our fishing guide was Jason Eggleton from Country Pleasures Fly Shop.

Here is the link to the video:

We are looking forward to the fall and winter meetings. See you there.

David Williams

August updates:

Kudos to Pat Kelly for his enduring [ efforts with local kids and aspiring fly fishers. ]

See Sandeep’s submission for [ Fly of the month ]

Back issues of Single Haul are now [ online ]

The Lower Humber Marshes are a Provincially significant wetland complex within the City of Toronto.  Unfortunately, years of urbanization and human impact have degraded the marshes.

Come out and help Ontario Streams staff on Saturday June 22nd from 9am to noon to help remove Japanese Knotweed, a non-native invasive species from this important ecosystem.  Gloves and light refreshments will be provided.  Please wear long pants.  Directions can be found [ here.]  For more information and to register your participation, please contact Christine Pritchard at (905) 713-7399 (office), (416) 993.1646 (cell) or via email at

The CVC is looking for volunteers for their electro fishing  program this summer. Here’s a chance to see some of those fish you can’t  catch. [ More Info ]


 Elliott Deighton
 President IWFFC
—– Here is the list of the CVC  Volunteer Electrofishing days for this season. If you or your staff/group  members are interested in attending please [ sign-up online.]

 Hope to see you on the river,   Phil Bird, Fisheries Technician, Credit Valley Conservation

  • (905) 670-1615  x503
  • (416) 896-7357  (cell)

Please remember that July 20, 2013 is [ Credit River Watershed Day.] The date is somewhat flexible, since it  has to be dry for a couple of days before the event. Contact [ Lindsey Jennings ] of [ Credit Valley Conservation Authority.]

Here is a further contribution from Curtis Smith.

Anticipate Curtis’ membership dues will be increased next year!

Click on the cartoon to see the detail.

(ed note: For the benefit of non members the guy catching the fish is our esteemed Pres, Elliott Deighton).


To be completely fair, this is our Pres’s reponse:

Now you know that this is just wrong in so many ways. First,  our Eastern European hostess at the bar wouldn’t let me in with a smelly fish,  magic or otherwise and secondly and more importantly, it’s not even a  bass!


DigitalCameraUpload your photos to the Bulletin Board ]

Here are some shots taken last year ]

Thanks to Silvia D’Amelio for the last meeting of the spring sessions, on 7th May.

Silvia enlightened us on the severe reductions in total biomass on the Credit River watershed. As a result there is severe compromise of the speckled trout population. She outlined the seventy, or so, variables in environmental pressures that have resulted in the degradation. Trout Unlimited have as their mandate the preservation of this native trout in the watershed. Silvia encouraged members of the club to be supportive.

In order to provide further information, there will be a “Check Your Watershed” date at the end of June, when as many participants as possible will volunteer to check local water temperatures. This will then be collated to provide as much information as possible on the state of the Credit river’s aquatic environment. Volunteers will be required to facilitate the endeavor….date and further details will be forthcoming.

On a lighter note, Silvia demonstrated her fly tying acumen in demonstrating three of her fly patterns:



Wet Fly:


PoohBah Caddis:


See you all on the rivers!

IWFFC Meeting Notice Tuesday May 7th @  7:30pm

Silvia D’Amelio Fly Tying  Demonstration

damelio2    damelio1

Trout Unlimited Ontario Program Manager  and Biologist Silvia D’Amelio will be tying some of her favourite trout flies  (no steelhead patterns) for us on this our last regular indoor meeting night of  the season. Silvia is a consummate fly tier and her demo will be a treat for  all.

Many thanks to David Williams who has been putting  together our website for us. He has posted the Club’s library and DVD list on the  website for us to so check it out. Bill Jenei has  the library and Pat Kelly has the DVD’s. Let me know if there is anything you  are interested in. Cheers, Elliott

Izaak Walton  Flyfishing Club Outing

 It is with  great pleasure that we announce the first overnight fishing trip of the IWFFC.  This is an opportunity for the membership to enjoy a few days of fishing and  share their skills and experience. We have  chosen a weekday to overcome weekend crowds and a date, expected to be, prime  for a Hendrickson hatch. Understanding that some attendees will choose to be on  the water as much as possible while others may choose to take a break, Tuesday  dinner plans will be arranged later. If a hatch occurs, few will be off the  water before dark. Here are the  arrangements so far…

Tuesday June 4 & Wednesday June 5,  2013

On the Grand River in the Fergus/Elora  area

Meet at Wilson’s Fly Shop,

9:00 a.m. on Tuesday

105 Queen Street West, Unit 6, Fergus (519)  787-3474

  • Rob Heal will provide an update on river conditions, hatches, patterns etc.

  • This will be a good opportunity for the more experienced members to offer mentorship to the less   experienced.

Overnight at the Drew House

120 Mill Street, Elora

Rates are $95 – $120/night (includes tax and  breakfast)

Contact Roger or Kathleen at (519)  846-2226

Contact:  Peter Lo Re at to be on  the mailing list for further updates. And finally, the casting  clinic we had this past Sunday was a great success I thought. Thanks to all  who attended and to the more experienced casters who leant a guiding  hand. The next clinic will be outdoors  and will be either at Erindale Park or Meadowvale Park on the Credit. Lots of  room to swing a switch or Spey rod so stay tuned, details will  follow. Cheers Elliott Deighton President IWFFC And finally, the casting clinic we had this past Sunday was a great success I thought.

TUNE UP SESSION 14th April 2013 We had special instructions on fly line dynamics, rod grip, casting in adverse conditions, and some target practice. The two hours were over in a flash.TuneupSpecial thanks to the Doug, Elliot, Pat, and Sheldon

I have been informed by Rick Crawford of HAFFT that the Lyndon Fish Hatchery which is located in New Dundee just west of Kitchener is actively seeking fly fisher/members. Their blurb and pricing is as follows Lyndon Fish Hatchery Located at 1745 Huron Road.

From West coast member Wally Nowak  I have been asked by member of the Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild to seek out classic fly tiers from Canada

To help our initiative in instructing elementary and high school students, we do require equipment that you may not want to use any more. That old cracked fly line is just fine for instructional purposes. Got a reel that you do not use or the drag is broken? Got a fly rod with a broken eye? We can fix and put these items to good use. Bring in all your unused/discarded stuff to the meeting and give it to Pat Kelly. In addition, when we tie flies for kids, we need to place the flies in a container for the child to bring home. Old 35mm film cases are perfect (but going to the way of the Passenger Pigeon) and a good second place are empty medical pill cases – please rinse out and peel the prescription label off. Hand these to Pat Kelly at the meeting. The club meets at Cawthra Park Community Centre in Mississauga on the first and third Tuesday of each month from the end of September to the beginning of May. Meetings start at about 7:30 p.m. and go until 9:30 or 10:00. And don’t forget to join us after the meeting for some further comradery, up the street.

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