Follow the Diagram “FISH HOLDING LIES” along the numbered positions for your very best possible success. Here are some guidelines for best results.

  1. The biggest, smartest fish hold in back eddies, where surface debris (and food) hide them from overhead predators. They will be facing DOWNSTREAM, so don’t walk up to holding positions #1 or #2. Walk softly, on the balls of your feet. Fish that feel a tremor will be alerted to the danger present. Fish your fly on and under the surface film completely before moving on to #2, but circle away from any streamside paths. They have been made by the unsuccessful anglers, with commensurate poor results!
  2. Repeat the same approach, but keep a low profile to avoid spooking any fish downstream.
  1. This is “Beginners” position because it s the only position for newbies. Poor casting, wading or presentations are less problematic here, where the tumbling waters demand the fish take the food quickly or not at all. They hit hard, especially on “Showy” flies. Try both underwater and surface on a short line. No real casting is needed, since a flick of the wrist will let you cover the area without moving very much and scaring the fish.
  1. Now that you have become more attuned to action (or lack thereof) (, you can quietly move to positions 4, 5 & 6, using wet flies, emergers, allowing the sunk fly to rise to the surface as your line tightens against the current. This mimics exactly, what happens to a nymph or emerger as it rises from its streambed to the surface to hatch. We show the currents move toward the fastest section “Bubble line” of the stream. Hang on! This is where the fish hit hard: certain that this object moves exactly as do the live insects.

WE CANNOT STRESS TOO STRONGLY: KEEP A LOW PROFILE AND MOVE QUIETLY. Your results will prove to you that this is the best way to improve your results.

When you next go fishing in a bigger river, simply divide it into sections in your imagination, just like this one. You will quickly master that situation as well! You are now on the road to success!

Tight lines!

Bill Christmas, the old flyfisherman






Easy Submerger



Courtesy Ray Ovington’s “ Tactics on Trout”


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