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Crane Fly Pattern

Hook: Trout, size 14 to 18. Thread: 8 O Black. Legs: 6 Paint Brush bristles, each one overhand knotted 1/4 inch from end. Body: 2 Pheasant tail fibres. Wing: 1/2 inch of oval shaped saran wrap. Thorax: Olive brown spectra...

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Tilva Stones

JUICY STONEFLIES (Kaufmann’s Stonefly) by Sandeep Tilva   I am a novice at tying flies, and this is shown in my crude finishing. The inspiration for my stoneflies is from the recipe by Randall Kaufmann. If only mine looked...

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3F Frogs

3F Frogs (fast, fun, foam frog) by Elliott Deighton Thread: Yellow 6/0 for tying & clear mono thread for the weed guard                            Hook: Mustad bass stinger #37187 size 6 Weed Guard: 20lb. mono Back Legs: 4...

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Foam Bombers

My inspiration for tying foam bombers came from many years of using foam for every type of floating fly there is, especially to replace deer hair in bass bug patterns. I figure if it can be tied using deer hair then it can be...

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Credit Cruncher

This is an original pattern that is designed specifically for the Rainbows of the Credit River, in Ontario. The concept is to emulate a minnow chasing a floating egg sac.    The center of the egg sac is comprised of two, back to...

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Annual Grand River Outing

Meet at 10 am Tuesday 28th May, at Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop

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