by Dennis Grant.


For a gentle read on a lifetime of fly fishing, sit down with your favorite hot beverage and follow Dennis Grant through his fly fishing career.

He explores his initiation into fly fishing, then describes how he hooked his wife Verlie into the hobby.

He later describes casting techniques, including caveats and pitfalls.

“Dennis is a magician with a fly rod” — Lanny Waller (California TV personality).

He delves into several species of fish, their habits and simple methods to coax them onto a hook.

He finally gives deference to his mentors and friends in his final pages. 

In reading his book one has the final feeling that it is not all about the fishing; it is about the friendships made by wading the river and sharing the fly rod. 

Dennis has contributed articles to fly fishing publications including the FFF ‘Loop’ a quarterly for instructors, also Atlantic Salmon Association and Trout Nova Scotia newsletters.

In 1999 Dennis was the second Canadian ever to be elected to the Federation of Fly Fishers Casting Board of Governors. The FFF Casting Board is made up of 25 of the top teachers in North America and Europe and is responsible for developing casting instructor certification criteria and programs. He has been a member of five FFF standing committees including; the Two Handed Casting Certification Committee, the FFF Continuing Education Committee, Strategic Planning and the Ethics Committee.

In 2013 Dennis was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in Fly Casting Instruction by the International Federation of Fly Fishers.

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Dennis and his wife Verlie in action on the river.

Verlie and Dennis started the Atlantic Fly Fishing School in 1993, and by the end of July 2014 taught over 3500 prospective fly fishers at their facility in Brookfield, Nova Scotia. They have made numerous trips to Newfoundland teaching fly casting and hosting fishing trips for couples to the Gander River.

Dennis completed the Federation of Fly Fishers – Certified Casting Instructor Course in Sufferin, New York 1994. In 1995 he became Canada’s 1st Master Certified Instructor in Livingston, Montana and in 2007 successfully completed the TWO HANDED CASTING INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION, becoming one of only a few Instructors world wide to hold all three FFF Certifications.

David Williams     28th Sept 2022