(by david williams)


# 10 streamer hook

Wifey’s nail varnish, (Orange or red)

2 split shot

Thread: 140 Denier Ultra, Cream color.

Body and tail: Fish Scale, Wild Olive

The main menu item is Fish Scale (package insert shown below):


Debarb the hook. Glue on the split shot (tungsten preferable) using head cement; do not worry as we will make the shot more secure at  a later stage. I have positioned the shot above and below the hook shaft, leaving a two hook eye space behind the eye of the hook:


Varnish the split shot and allow to dry:


Paint on some eyes with black head lacquer:


Cover the shot with small amounts of UV resin and apply some UV light, to harden the resin. Keep adding resin until the head has a jelly appearance:


Start the thread behind the eye, and catch in about 18 fibres each in two separate bundles on each side of the shank; then whip finish at that point in front of the two shots:


Now retie the thread behind the shot and wind backwards with loose, wide spaced turns. Do not cut the tag end off yet as it will be used in the next stage:


Pull the fish scale over the shot, spacing the fibres as evenly as possible around the shot, and tie loosely:


Now, take the tag end of the thread and pull it forwards to create a “cage” around the shot. Now whip finish:


Below is a wetted version to show the tadpole appearance:


Try it.

david williams