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Remembering Ian Colin James

REMEMBERINGIan Colin James Although his website has been taken down it still can be accessed as an archive here. His writings carry that special wit and Scottish dryness. These pages are a treasure to our fly-fishing fraternity....

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In Memory of Stanley Sopranovich

It is with profound sadness that we report the passing, in his 92nd year, on Aug 5 of one of, if not the first, active fly fisher to join the Hamilton and Area Fly Fishers and Tyers, Stan Sopranovich. Stan was also a member of...

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Double Haul 1986

Double Haul 1986 Contents. President’s Message: Phil Kettle.  Editorial: Michael Jeavons.  Statement to Legislature by Vincent Kerrio (MNR).  16 Mile Creek Update: Bob Deane.  The Hatch on the Tarpon Flats: Larry Solomon. ...

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Double Haul 1984

DOUBLE HAUL 1984 CONTENTS. Change is the Only Constant: Phil Kettle.  President’s Message: Bill Christmas.  Federation of Fly Fishers Goes Canadian: Chris Marshall.  How Many Flies? Ken Robbins. Fly Fishing for Steelhead:...

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Double Haul 1980

DOUBLE HAUL 1980 CONTENTS. The Forum: A meeting with a difference.   The Last Word: Cec. Swannell.   Troutin and Trottinin the Ozarks: Joan Whitlock.   Bucktail and Streamers for Trophy-Sized Browns: Ken Robbins.   How Lucky can...

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T.U. Spring Activities

 VOLUNTEER FOR SPRING ACTIVITIES. The Greg Clark Chapter is happy to announce that we will be holding three volunteer events this spring: one cleanup and two tree planting events at three different locations in the Upper Credit...

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The “Tails-Up Woolley Bugger”.

The “Tails-Up Woolley Bugger”. MATERIALS LIST: from the bench of Stephen Beckett. For bass I use a Mustad Ultrapoint 32833BLN size 1 hook. Black Lead Eyes. 3/16 inch Black Foam Cylinders. TYING INSTRUCTIONS: I tie in...

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Annual Grand River Outing

Meet at 10 am Tuesday 28th May, at Grand River Outfitting and Fly Shop

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