A Simple, Cheap, Microphone Mount for GoPro Camera

This is or all of us who like to get some action movies of our fly fishing adventures.

The internal microphone provided has very poor functionality, when it is encased in its waterproof case.

If you can afford to lose some of the waterproofing, buy a skeleton case and an additional microphone with the appropriate adapter. The skeleton case has side a opening which allows the adapter to be plugged into the mini USB port.

The following is a very simple way to attach the microphone to the case.

The only additional item you will need is a piece of 1/2 inch sheet foam cut to 2″ by 1 1/4 inches



Lay the microphone on the foam just to the left of center:


Fold the foam in half so that the edges align.

Here is a back view with the case open:


Carefully close the case door so that the foam is captured. If you do this carefully enough you will find that the foam sits nicely down the lateral side of the case.


Clip the case closed.


This is the final mounted microphone.


The foam also acts to prevent excessive movement, and additional extraneous noises.

I carry a couple of extra pieces of foam in case the original piece becomes worn or too loose.

It is a neat and tidy solution.

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David Williams