We are all anticipating the opening of the trout fishing season; but here are some guidelines that we should follow to ensure safety.

Travel separately, unless you are with someone who already resides with you. Arrange any meeting times and places that will ensure sufficient social distancing. Let someone know your itinerary before you leave.

Stay 2 rods apart from any other fishers at all times. You can share stories but not flies. Don’t share any equipment.

Take your own food and beverages and do not share them. Remember to take sufficient fluids to last the whole time that you are out.

If you need to buy gas for your car take precautions at the pumps. Wear disposable gloves or use disinfectant wipes when handling the pumps. Take the same precautions if you use a keyboard at the pump to input your PIN or if you have to touch any door handles. (Don’t forget to wipe your credit/debit card afterwards).

Have your cellphone with you in a waterproof place, and make sure it is charged before you head out.

Here is a link on surface contamination times: