A note from Elliot:

IWFFC Cheque Presentation to the Ted Knott Trout Unlimited Chapter

Wednesday November 26th 2014 Carl Johnston and I, on behalf of the IWFFC, attended a meeting of the Ted Knott Chapter to present to them with a cheque for $2,500. This money will be used for shade tree planting and will finish off their work on the showcase section of Mill Creek in Cayuga.

Members will remember that about four years ago the IWFFC initially donated to this project to get it off the ground.

We were more than heartened by the Chapter’s welcome and response and on a personal note, delighted to see Bill Christmas who is battling cancer but has rallied just lately and was in great spirits.


Pictured, left to right: Beth Anne Fischer Project Biologist TU, Bill Christmas TKTUC, Elliot Deighton IWFFC, Carl Johnston IWFFC