This a current list of our books and if there are any books of interest to you please [ send an email  ] with the title and author and I will able to get them for you.

The regular borrow period is for one month but we can work something out if you need more time.

There is also a $10.00 deposit on all books.

If you have any other questions about the books please let me know and I will try to find out for you.

Thanks Bill Jenei

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             Title                                                                Author                                     Code

A River Never Sleeps                                                         Roderick Haig-Brown             R103B

ABC Guide to Fishing                                                        George Gray                             A100B

Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun                            John McKim                             F117B

Arizona Trout                                                                      Rex Johnson Jr                        A107B

Along the Trail In Algonquin Park                                  Ralph Bice                                A101B

America Fly Fishing                                                           Paul Schullery                          A103B

American Sportsman Treasury                                        Alfred Knopf                             A104B

An Angler’s Dictionary                                                       Henry Beard                             F102B

An Angler’s Dictionary                                                       Henry Beard                             F101B

Art and Craftsmanship of Fly Fishing                             Alf Walker                                 A105B

Art and Craftsmanship of Fly Fishing                             Alf Walker                                 A110B

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing Primer                                 Paul C Marriner                      A106B

Australian Trout                                                                    Jack Ritchie                             A102B

Basic Fly Tying                                                                       Serge Vincent                          B105B

Bass Tackle and Tactics                                                        Harold Hollis                           B100B

Big Trout Fishing                                                                   Peter Cockwill                          B101B

Book of Fishing                                                                      Robert Scharff                          B103B

Book of Fly Patterns                                                              Eric Leiser                                 B106B

Bucktails and Hoochies                                                        Bruce Colegrave                       B102B

Catskill Rivers                                                                         Austin Francis                         C107B

Century’s End A Fly Tying Journey                                    Paul Ptalis                                C103B

Conservation By The People                                                 A. H. Richardson                    C100B

Creative Fly Tying and Fly Fishing                                      Rex Gerlach                             C102B

Compleat Angler                                                                      Izaak Walton                           C108B

Complete Book of Sport Fishing                                           Goran Cedarberg                    C106B

Complete Fishermans Catalog                                              Harmon Henkin                      C101B

Dances With Trout                                                                  John Gierach                            D101B

Drift Fishing                                                                             Charles White                           D100B

Esox Pike Story                                                                        Wolfgang Zeiska                       E100B

Essence of Fly Casting                                                            Mel Krieger                               E101B

Essential Fly Tier                                                                     J. Leonard                                 E102B

Favorite Flies and Histories                                                   Mary Marbury                         F132B

Fiberglass Rod Making                                                           Dale Clemens                           F106B

Fisheries of Lake of The Woods                                            Val Macins                                F105B

Fisheries of Lake Simcoe                                                        Hugh MacCrimmon                F103B

Fishin’ Hats                                                                               Gord Deval                                F116B

Fishin’ Tales                                                                              Gord Deval                                 F114B

Fishing Flies                                                                              Robert Atkinson                       F123B

Fishing the Big Three                                                               Ted Williams                            F199B

Fishing the Flats                                                                        Lefty Kreh                                 F121B

Fishing the Flats                                                                        Mark Sosin                               F112B

Fishing The Grand River                                                         Ian Martin                                F136B

Fishing the Midge                                                                     Ed Koch                                     F125B

Fishing Hall of Shame                                                              Bruce Nash                               F100B

Fishing With                                                                               Gregory Clark                          F129B

Fishing With John                                                                     Edith Iglauer                            F109B

Fishing With My Old Guy                                                        Paul Quarrington                    F137B

Fishing With the Fly                                                                 Charles Orvis                            F113B

Flies for Bass and Panfish                                                       Dick Stewart                             F140B

Flies for Saltwater                                                                     Dick Stewart                             F145B

Fly Fishing Around the World                                               Tony Pawson                            F138B

Fly Fishing Techniques                                                           Alf Walker                                 F127B

Fly Fishing                                                                                 David Michalak                         F128B

Fly Fishing for Salmon +Steelhead of Great Lakes           Kenn Filkins                              F142B

Fly Fishing in Saltwater                                                          Lefty Kreh                                  F119B

Fly Fishing in Saltwater Revised                                          Lefty Kreh                                   F122B

Fly Fishing Simple to Sophisticated                                    Al Kyte                                         F104B

Fly Fishing Strategy                                                                Doug Swicher                             F141B

Fly Fishing Tips                                                                       Dick Stewart                               F124B

Fly Fishers Companion                                                         John Buckland                            F126B

Fly Rod Trouting                                                                    Ed Shenk                                      F120B

Fly Tying                                                                                   P.N. Fling                                    F118B

Fly Tying Symposium 2003                                                 Winter Hatches                          W105B

Flying In for Trout                                                                 Al Raychard                                 F111B

Freshwater Fishing                                                                Brian Ward                                  F110B

Fumbling With a Fly Rod                                                     Ian Colin James                          F115B

Furskin Processing                                                                Harry Kaplan                               F143B

Getting Started in Fly Fishing                                             Tom Fuller                                   G106B

Glass Bottom Boat                                                                 David Gilmour                            G101B

Glass Bottom Boat                                                                  David Gilmour                           G102B

Gray’s Sporting Journal Oct 1996                                        Magazine                                    G199M

Great Rivers Great Hatches                                                  Charles Meck                             G104B

Guide to Aquatic Trout Food                                               Dave Whitlock                            G105B

Guide to Become Muskie Master                                        Mike Bolton                                G100B

Handbook of Fly Tying                                                         Peter Gathercole                         H100B

How to Choose Fly Tying Thread                                       Paul Marriner                              H103B

Illustrated Dictionary of Trout Flies                                  John Roberts                               I101B

Incredible Fishing Stories                                                   Shaun Morey                                I102B

Inshore Fly Fishing                                                              Lou Tabory                                    I100B

Larger Trout                                                                          Charles Brooks                             L103B

Lake Fly Fishing Strategies                                                Bob Sheedy                                   L105B

Largemouth Bass                                                                  Milt Rosko                                   L100B

Lee Wulf on Flies                                                                  Lee Wulf                                       L104B

Lure Fishing                                                                           A.C. Becker Jr.                            L102B

Making Your Own Fishing Rods                                        Mel Marshall                              M101B

Master’s Guide To Building Bamboo Fly Rod                  Everett Garriso                          M103B

Misadventures of A Fly Fisherman                                    Jank Hemingway                       M100B

Modern Fly Fishing                                                               Larry Solomon                          M104B

Modern Trout Flies                                                                Poul Jorgensen                         M102B

Native Trout Of North America                                          Robert Smith                             N103B

New York State Atlas Topo                                                  Delorme                                    N102B

North American Trout Fishing                                          John Merwin                              N104B

On the Run                                                                            David DiBenedetto                    O104B

Outdoor Life Fishing Adventures                                     Grosset and Dunlap                  F107B

Outside Story                                                                        Robert Scammell                       O100B

Patterns of the Masters 1989                                             David Nelson                            P105B

Patterns of the Masters 1991                                              David Nelson                            P199B

Penguin Book of Fishing                                                     Ted Lamb                                 P100B

Pennsylvania Trout Streams                                             Charles Meck                          P104B

Philosophical Fisherman                                                   Harold Blaisdell                      P101B

Positive Fishing                                                                    Robert Deindorfer                 P102B

Practical Fly Fisherman                                                      A.J. McClane                          P103B

Pursuit of Stillwater Trout                                                  Brian Clarke                           P104B

Rapala Fisherman Catalog                                                  Normark                                 R101B

Rapala Fishing Guide                                                          Rapala                                      R102B

Reasonable Art of Fly Fishing                                           Terry Mort                                R105B

Renewing Nature’s Wealth                                                 Richard Lambert                    R100B

Rising Trout                                                                          Charles Fox                              R104B

River Journal Salmon River                                             Rick Kustich                              S109B

Seasonal Movement Patterns Brown Trout Credit River    Micheal Zimmer             S114B

Saltwater Flies                                                                      Kenneth Bay                           S101B

Saltwater Fly Tying                                                             Frank Wentink                        S111B

Salmon                                                                                   Timothy Frew                         S102B

Sea Run                                                                                 Les Johnson                            S103B

Shadow of the Salmon                                                        C Taylor                                    S112B

Sportsman Digest of Fishing                                            Hal Sharp                                 F108B

Sportsman’s World                                                             Jack Samson                           S100B

Standing in a River Waving a Stick                                 John Gierach                          S113B

Stoneflies                                                                              Carl Richards                          S107B

Stoneflies For the Angler                                                  Eric Leiser                                S106B

Stripers on The Fly                                                            Lou Tabory                               S105B

Tackle Tinkering                                                                H.G. Tapply                              T116B

The Pettes Catskill Legend                                              Eric Leiser                                 T114B

The Western Angler                                                          Roderick Haig-Brown            W100B

To Know a River                                                                Valerie Haig-Brown               T117B

Top 50 Stillwater Patterns                                              Bob Sheedy                              B107B

Trout Fisheries Digest                                                     David Richey                            T199B

Trout and Salmon of the World                                    Silvio Calabi                              T102B

Trout and the Fly                                                             Ray Ovington                            T115B

Trout and the Stream                                                     Charles Brooks                         T101B

Trout Fishing                                                                   Charles Dickey                          T100B

Trout Fisherman’s Bible                                                Don Holland                              T109B

Trout Tactics                                                                    Joe Humphrey                           T117B

True Love and the Woolly Bugger                                Dave Ames                               T112B

Tying the Swisher/Richards Flies                                Doug Swisher                           T112B

Uncommon Waters                                                         Holly Morris                             U100B

Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams                                      Harry Murray                           W105B

Waters Swift and Still                                                    Craig Woods                             W103B

Western Trout Fly Tying                                               Jack Dennis                              W101B

Which Fly Do I Use                                                        Darren Banasch                       W104B

World’s Greatest Fly Fishing Locations                     Cresent Books                          W102B

Zipping My Fly                                                                Rich Tosches                            Z100B